BB beam connector

The BB beam connectors are used for the concealed connection of main beams and secondary beams to supports. All preparatory work can already be done in the factory. On the construction site, the connections are simply pushed into each other. This enables fast on-site installation without the additional use of special tools, meaning complex constructions can be set up in a very short time.


The recess is made at the desired location using the template and the milling cutter. The milling depth is 14 mm. The lower part of the connector is screwed into it. The counterpart is attached to the wood. No recess is necessary here. However, it must be ensured that the upper part of the dovetail is mounted flush with the upper edge of the wood. The lock screw is screwed straight in the first hole. The other screws are screwed in at an angle of 35°. In the last step, the secondary beam is hooked into the main beam. The fasteners used for the BB beam connectors must comply with prEN 14592.


The beam connectors from BB Stanz- und Umformtechnik have the European Technical Approval ETA-09/0301.

Steel quality

  • S 250 GD + Z275
  • Yield strength ReH ≥ 250 N/mm²
  • Tensile strength Rm ≥ 330 N/mm²
  • Elongation at break A80 ≥ 19 %
  • Corrosion protection 275 g/m² on both sides - corresponding to a zinc layer thickness of approx. 20 μm