We are BB-Berga

We have been a specialist on the market producing wood connectors and storage containers since 1982, meeting every customer request to optimum satisfaction. Sustainability is one of our core values. We strive to minimise the impact of our production processes on nature. In order to achieve this goal, some of our plastic products are already manufactured from recycled materials. We will continue to manufacture more products from these recycled plastics in the future.

In the plastics production area, we mainly produce products made from thermoplastics such as containers, storage boxes, trays and other technical products. In the other production area of metal, we manufacture wood connectors and technical punched parts using the follow-on composite process on state-of-the-art automatic punching presses.

We see ourselves as an innovative provider that ensures its market position by maintaining high technological standards. We use our competence specifically in make-to-order production as well as for putting together assemblies for the optimum fulfilment of customer requirements.

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Metal products
Metal products

From tooth plate connectors to KR angle brackets -

We punch it!

Plastic products
Plastic products

From edge protectors to trays -

We mould it!


From component assembly and printing to customer-specific production -

We make it possible!